(Revised July, 2012)

Class Content

Music is a language–and like any language, there are many basics which must be mastered prior to advancing to more complex applications. During a course of study, I attempt to cover all areas of musicianship: theory, technique, formal analysis, harmony, ear-training, sight-reading, performance, and a comprehensive study of musical literature in a progressive fashion. I truly feel that a well-rounded musical education helps students define for themselves what music means to them.

Since each student is different, I approach students as individuals and attempt to challenge each according to their own unique potential. Sometimes, learning music can be tough and frustrating, but I attempt to make it as fun and enjoyable as possible. My goal is to nurture the student’s artistic spirit and a lifelong love of music!

Lessons Offered /Tuition

Individual piano lessons will be held on a weekly basis for one-half hour, forty-five minutes, or one hour, and lessons are offered to ANYONE ages from 5 and up at any level.

As a member in good standing with the Northern Nevada Music Teachers Association (NNMTA), and a certified teacher with the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), there are certain guidelines to which I strictly adhere regarding missed lessons, the billing process and late fees. These guidelines are consistently maintained, and cannot be altered as they allow the business portion of piano lessons to flow smoothly and equitably.

Tuition is due by the first lesson of each month. If tuition is not received at the second lesson of the month, no lesson will be provided. It’s your responsibility to make sure that tuition is received by me on time.

Missed Lessons and Make-ups

The studio shall not assume any financial responsibility for a student’s absence(s). Monthly rates are flat fees, and shall not be lowered nor refunded for missed lessons, no matter whether you give me a notice in advance. Please bear in mind that some months contain an extra week for which there is no additional charge. If, for some reason, a lesson must be missed, please notify me at least 24 hours in advance via phone, email or text messages.

A make-up lesson shall be provided on my schedule availability and given to those who give me a 24-hour notice. Only two make-up lessons are allowed in a calendar year.


Studio recitals are held at least twice a year for each student. Recitals are not only for children! I also offer recitals for adult students. Each student is encouraged to participate. Friends and Families are welcome to attend. NNMTA Reno Youth Music festivals are held in March and May each year. Participation is not mandatory, but it is a good experience for many students. (see www.nnmta.org for more info) Also, there are several competitions to participate if the student desires.

Termination of Lessons

If a student and/or parent should decide to terminate lessons at any given time during the year, the studio requires a two week notice. Regardless of when appropriate notice is given, such student/parent shall be financially responsible for the following two weeks/lessons, whether the student/parent chooses to attend or be absent. Students may be dismissed from inadequate practice, uncooperative attitude towards the teacher or other students, failure to pay tuition, or excessive absences at lessons.

Student Responsibilities

The student agrees to arrive at each lesson punctually, well-prepared, and with all necessary materials. Daily QUALITY practice is expected. How much practice time needed for each student shall be discussed with each student during the initial meeting and will be updated periodically as the student progress.


Summer Lessons

Piano lessons continue as usual during the summer months. This is a private piano studio, and does not follow any type of “academic school year”. If you and/or your family will be out of town at any time during the summer, please let me know well in advance so that I may adjust my teaching schedule.

If a student will be taking the entire summer off, such student’s time slot may be reserved by paying for the time slot in full and in advance. I do not recommend this, however, since the student will lose so much progress during the hiatus. Nevertheless, the time slot will need to be filled unless the full fee is paid to reserve the time slot until the fall.

Reserved Vacation

I reserve two weeks of vacation every year – one in the summer and another in the winter. The tuition rates are calculated accordingly; therefore, there is no adjustment for missed lessons while I am on vacation.

Poco A Poco Piano

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